Friday, November 25, 2011

The Fly Fishing Shops Christmas Party.

Almost as anticipated as the Spey Clave. The Fly Fishing Shops Christmas party is a great day for rubbing elbows, learning and just having a great time. The low key manner in which the party is conducted is a great learning experience. Fly tying presentations and presentations on choosing the right lines and rods for the job. Guest speakers and tiers, free food and drinks to boot. So clear your calender on the 10th of December and make your way to Welches.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Winter Steelhead Schools Start this Month.

The Fly Fishing Shops has just updated the schedule for this years coming winter steelhead schools. The Schools focus on teaching modern Spey casting and fishing techniques for the Northwest winter Steelhead fishing applications. The Class can be a single or a two day learning experience. The first day putting all the emphasise on the casting of the Spey rods with the use of modern spey lines. The second day is for the winter Steelhead fishing. Putting you on the stream with the best team of guides and casting instructors in the Northwest. A large portion of the day you will be fishing giving you opportunity to catch your first of many winter steelhead.

Check the web site for dates but the first classes start on the 17th of this month.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Protubes rock!

Well if you fish tube flies then you can't say enough about the products from protube. With all the added accessories these have become the premiere way to tie tube flies. From sonic discs to drop weights. These options provide a ton of new creative juices to flow. Another great product produced by the boys over at Pro solutions is the Pro tube needle. This basic mandrill will fill all manufactures tubes and is so easy to use.

The use of the hook keeper with the smaller style of summer tubes is awesome. With this option you can change the body color of the fly just by switching out color of the hook keeper. we stock it all here at The Fly Fishing Shop. Check out the link

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Time of the year, Dictates the color of the season.

Well on the Deschutes the Steelhead season pushes on just like the fish themselves they continulely push up river. Now as the season change for us. The cooler mornings and changing leaves. The river sees changes as well.
The river sees the tempertute decrease and the fluctuation of water flow. Also the river takes part as the breeding grounds for Salmon. The Chinook begin to take part in one of the most hopeless romantic life cyles that can be witnessed anywhere in the world. This prosseces of nature helps to provide the fertile nutriance for the rivers future. All residence of the stream notice the change as well as small brightly colored objects and hunks of dying Salmon flesh begin drifting down the river.
Now this is the time to use flies that can represent these items even. Even guys fishing swung fly can take the advantage of the added color to the river. Here are some flies that I would have in my box this time of year are.
Fly Dejour
Sivley's Bubble gum Snow cone
Limit Lander
Spawning Purple
Steelhead Coachman
And most of all get out there and keep that fly in the water! Can't catch them from the coutch.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting ready for cooler weather.

We are not far out now. The days of hot temps are slipping aways as fast as hours of fish able light. The water temps will soon be below 50 and falling, But the fishing opportunity will still be there waiting for the anglers who are ready to fish in adverse conditions.

As always there are a few new products out this year for these types of conditions and there are some of the older products we still endorse. Simms has been at it again trying to produce the best stuff under the sun, or rain, or snow to keep you ass fishing. This year is no exception. With the arrival of the Down Under Merino wool base layers and new Cold weather pant. Both are designed to keep you warm while pulling moisture away from you body.

The Cold weather pant will be the best at keeping water away from you skin. The outer part of the pants with the core3 technology keeps the water from ever even hitting your skin and then the grid style fleece helps you to retain as much heat as possible by having spaces for warm air while still having a thick and full layer of fleece for that warmth. They also have a cool look so you can wear them out after you fish, not black tie but for the places I eat you would fit better than in. With a great price to boot.

The Down Under Merino Wool is just the only way to go. There is not a better material against your skin. Especially when it is cold out. Wools natural ability to help retain heat even while wet is unsurpassed by any other products produced. Hard to argue with that kind of product, as a hard core steelhead fisherman you can't get better than that.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

There are other fish in the river...

Vince showing off a nice wild fall Chinook.

It is the height of the northwest summer Steelhead fishing. Most if not all die hard Steelhead anglers have been out sectioning off pieces of rivers all over Cali, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Under the cloak of the Steelhead cloud other spices of anadromous fish have slipped past your radar. Now I am not trying to push you away from Steelhead but if you are in the local area or don't have the time to get to one of those great Steelhead. We may have a few new and interesting venues local to our area that may help to provide a subsidised Steelhead alternative.

Blue and Copper prom dress work on anything. Just ask Travis...

With the on set of the fall weather and the blooming of the Cotton wood trees, comes the Salmon of the Northwest coastal rivers. Fresh run Silver Salmon, and Fall Chinooks enter streams all over the Northwest. Both of these Salmonids are best pursued nearest the ocean from which they came. Plus the runs provide enough fish to target them on a swung fly, but can be chased with other methods as well. The Sandy, Clackamas, Hood, Klickitat, and a ton of other coastal rivers that contain these chrome sided leviathans. Silvers average 8 to 12 lbs. and Chinooks can go as big as 50 lbs. in the fall. If you would like any info on run timing and flies or river info just feel free to call the shop. Right now enjoy the photos of The Fly Fishing Shops Vince Holingsworth. He has been out catching a few Salmon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confidecne is the key.

I don't know what else that it comes down to. You can have everything, the rod and lines all the flies everything that you can think of. If you don't believe in what your doing it won't happen. The unwavering act of dogmatic belief in the substance of steelhead fishing is what it takes to consistently catch fish. Always one step closer to that ever addicting grab!!!

Now as guides we help to instill this confidence and in most cases I believe the confidence we evince gets the job done for you. If you are ready to learn or just need help to see what it takes to catch steelhead day in and day out. Contact us here at The Fly Fishing Shop and get on the right track. Our guides are ready and amped up to help people of all skill levels with everything from casting to that bit of extra confidence.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being prepared is always cool.

Here is the deal, be PREPARED!! Sometimes going fishing can be last minute. We all know that to be the kind of angler we all want to be good preparation can be a trip saver. Now I am going to list a few products out on the market that I feel help the modern day angler on all his trips. Even the short notice ones.

Lets start with the most important things. I think the Simms Taco bag not only for the money, but for the product itself is awesome. Something that can easily be prominently kept in the ones car always containing waders and boots. Never without!!! That's cool all the time.

The "Taco Bag" bad ass.

Next up in the cool to be prepared category is Rio's head case. these bad boys can hold anything and back stock of anything you might even think you might need. Flies, lines, tippet, running lines, snacks, lunch, and a flask (maybe). Again the size of the head case makes it super easy to bring on a boat leave in your car or truck and never be without. I believe that these 2 products can be trip savers and every serious angler should have these in there rig.

Super efficient Rio's head case.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sometimes going small pays out big.

In the world of Steelhead it is easy to get caught up in the big fish big fly theory. Is it always the best way to go??? In my opinion and the opinion of many other great steelhead fisherman I know and work in the shop, we all agree.

Lets look at the animal, Steelhead. What a total question mark as where to start. This is some of what I might know. A Steelhead is a trout, in a technical definition. A trout can see a size 99 midge in moving water. With that mind a Steelhead can see the same way. I know that even a 20lb. steelhead in 25 feet of water can see my size 10 wet fly, if he takes it that's another story. With another comparison being that when trout fishing in low warm water as anglers we have to change our tactics. With warm clear water we have to use more stealth. Light tippets small flies become the norm. Some how in the world of steelhead we have gone the other route. Thinking that sinking tips and big flies are the only way.

I am not saying my way is the only one but has been reliable for me and I wanted to pass this info on to you. Have fun and get out there and fish.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It is still Steelhead Fishing..

Well it is that time of the year! Summer Steelhead time! Long days and floating lines making this a wonderful time to fish for steelhead. As for peoples expectations of what steelhead fishing is that's a different story. I think and from what I have heard this season already people are just not satisfied with working hard for that 1 nice fish a day. Why?? I don't know Not every season can be a banner one. Not every day can you expect double digit days. Sorry to burst some peoples bubbles. For those of us that work hard and make the sometimes required 1000 casts. Above are pictures of some of the nose to the casting grind stone types. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

2 New Openings in the Al Buhr PHD School

Well we have recently had 2 openings in the up Al Buhr PHD school. This class is a great opportunity to learn for one of the best casters and instructors in the states. During your week you will learn more about practical fishing casts and tactics and line construction then you could hope for. Along with Al Buhrs low key, easy going personality. The week will surely be one to remember.

Marcy is going to have her last women's class of the season. There is one opening left in that class. So if you are interested or if you are thinking your wife or significant other might be interested let us know. Feel free to call 1-800-266-3971 or shoot us and email

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sage "ONE"

I know we have read Mark's news letter on the Sage "ONE". The super cheesy line, " This is not Madison Ave. hype. This is fact." As well as he said that, LOL. He is right. The New Sage ONE is easily the finest Sage rod that I have cast in years. Light, crisp, and looks great. This rod is casts well at 12 feet and just 65 feet. The nature of the rods feel is second to none. A new smaller lighter grip, this totally keeps you gripping the rod to hard and trying to over power it.

The Sage "ONE" is not due out by the end of this month for all sizes and line weights. You can check out the video in the web site // If you are a Sage fan and in the market for the nicest rod you can cast and fish look no further.

Friday, July 29, 2011

One of the coolest things on earth

Well I am finally back. The past couple of weeks was a total blur. The parts I do recall were awesome! Having recently attended the CLA gamefair, I saw first hand how a sportsman show can and should be run. The CLA is the largest outdoor sporting event in the world. There is no other thing that compares, not even close. On Sunday at the show the gate tally was 144,000 people. That's just a couple.

The CLA is all encompassing when it comes to outdoor activities. Of course there was fishing, the main purpose of my visit. But you cant even begin to guess what all is there. Falconry, climbing, shooting, biking, ATVs, hunting, archery, wildlife art, Agriculture, all types of hand made goods, clothing, dogs and dog trials, and even an off road course for driving your Land Rover. In the 3 days I was there I don't think I saw 20% of the show. To see something like this you need a well planned itinerary

The casting events at the CLA are run seamlessly. The competition steep and you had better be on your game if you are planning to compete. The casting celebrities are everywhere. I was lucky enough to attend this years CLA and competed in the International Spey Casting Open. Through hard work a ton of practice and with good friends on your side.

The week was a complete success! not only did my team do very well all members setting milestones. I competed in my first 18 foot comp. and took a wonderful second place but set a new standard for American casters. Becoming the first American caster to break the 200' mark. Also becoming the first caster to place at the CLA in a decade.

All I can say after being there is that this is an event that should not be missed by any vendor or spectator if they have the time to make it over there they will not be disappointed. I have a feeling the Fly Fishing Shop will have a presents there next year!!! If you want an over site of the CLA here is a link have fun.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Summer Set up to Have

Mark showing off the power of the 6129 VXP

The Spey rod that is going to shine this summer, is going to be the 6129 VXP. This rod has it all. Well at that you are going to need in a sweet summer setup. Even if you are a beginner or a seasoned vet this rod gets it done. A true 6 wt. with the ability to throw any floating line and for a 6 wt takes care of business on that end too.

With its clean cut green finish and being light in hand. All I can say is it is better than a switch rod and more pleasing to fish than that old 14 footer that your buddy gifted you 2 years ago after he bought a new top of the line rod. Now you can return the favor and donate your old weapon to one of your unsuspecting friends. Call the shop and ask some questions about this rod, or go online and order one. Either way your going to love this rod. You can view more about this fantastic outfit at

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you Ready ????

Josh and Henry trying to get that first grab of the year

With Steelhead season in full swing in about a month, the question is are you ready??? Do you have all the things you want or need? Now think about it, I am not just talking that new set up from the top of your wish list. Although wouldn't that be sweet for the new season. What I am talking about is have you stocked up on tippet, poly leaders, sink tips? Have you tied all the flies you may or may not need, or have you already bought them?

I know that a month seems like forever away, but it is not. With the damn counts starting slow this year. Having you ducks in a row before hitting the water will make you more time efficient on the river. Like most people that are not guides, you need all the time spent on the river to count if your going to be successful. So with this in mind give us a call or order online. if you just want to chat with someone about where to go we are ready and waiting 503-622-4607.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hey just wanted everybody to know that Ross Reels for a limited time are 20% off. There is limited stock and time is of the essence. Ross has always kept up with having the best service of any company in the world of fly fishing.

The other big news is that single handed Z-Axis rod are also on sale!!! Couple a nice new rod with a great reel and you can get a great deal on one heck of a great new set up. Just call the shop or email us at

Sunday, May 29, 2011

There are more than Salmon flies and the "Big D"

A perfect Green Drake

The Big bugs are out, thats not to tough to see!! But not all fish are taking them. With cooler wetter weather there is a ton of other bugs out there. So lets not forget Green Drakes, Yellow Sallies, PMD, A ton of different Caddis in olive and tan. Don't be unprepared, and have a good selection of droppers and other dries.

Tight Lines.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It Is Salmon Fly Time!!!

Stop your waiting and get geared up. The salmon flies are out and about and Still hatching in great numbers. The hatch is all the way up to Warm Springs and fish are looking up. With the water a bit high, most of the fishing is taking place super tight to the bank. The best patterns have been Norm Woods, Chubby Chernobyl, Chubby Norm, Clark's stone.. to name a few. I will say that we could not raise a fish on tippet larger than 4x. So keep the leader length and tippet in mind.

On our recent trips over on the Deschutes we have not been getting a hundred fish a trip but the fish we are hooking are quality red sides. When we have had a tough time finding cooperative fish on the surface, nymphing has also produces good numbers of fish. As far as the subsurface patterns that did the trick, Black Kaufman's stone, Double bead black stone, Double bead golden stone, FFS brown and golden stones, Batman, Chubby cousins, Guides Choice hares ear, green caddis pupa,and San Juan worms . Don't be afraid to adjust your weight and leaders to fit the water you fishing. Not all water fishes the same.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Logo Gear for the Spey Clave

They have finally arrived. The Sandy River Spey Clave T-shirts, you can get them in the shop or online. We will also be selling them at the Clave. The Steelhead on the T-shirt painted by Artist and fellow fly angler Derek DeYoung. This is one of my favorites of his and seems to be fitting for the theme of the spey clave. The commemorative Spey Clave T-shirt is only $24.95 and features the Fly Fishing Shop logo. Full size runs are available.

Also just in the shop are the new stock of hats( the trucker hats are awesome).We have a style in for just about every head. Micro fiber, trucker, visors, waxed cotton, Castro, and just the classic logo ball cap. One size fits most and all styles have a couple color options. Prices range for $14.95 to $24.95 . For info on either the shirts or the hats check them out on line or call the shop at 503-622-4607

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Trout Season Opener

Well here we are, on the brink of a new year of trout fishing. Are you ready??? This weekend kicks off the opener. In typical fashion the rivers are at their full spring flow. This does not mean fishing is out or that you should not be prepared for the rest of the season. With how good trout fishing was last year, the boys and girls who were ready had a great season.

What does one need to be ready for the up and coming season??? To start one better check out last years leader and tippet. If I told you how many fish I have seen lost due to poor tippet choice, you would be amazed. Next thing I would be ready to investigate is flies. We all have our favorites but having a few back up patterns is a great way to go. Especially on rivers like the Deschutes, the rule of thumb is the larger a body of water the more life forms it will hold. The Deschutes has over 220 species of caddis alone. I not saying you need a different pattern for everyone but few new stand-bys to better represent different stages of the insects or maybe so you the angler can better see your fly... We all at some point in time have to nymph fish for trout. That's just the way it is sometimes. Having a well equip nymphing arsenal will be key to success. A variety of different sized split shot, and indicators. Having the ability to change depth and number of flies being fished is a key thing as well, Czeck leaders are a great thing to have in your vest of pack. Don't forget all the small stuff either, floatant, knot tools, nippers, and don't forget to clean you fly line...

If you have any questions call the shop and ask away, we love to help 1-800-266-3971.

The Spey O Rama


Well it is over. The biggest and hardest competition it the world of fly casting is done. We here at the Fly Fishing Shop in Welches would like to congratulate all the winners participants and all those at the GGACC who make this event possible. The competition gets tougher every year, with all the new scoring systems and live broad cast TV cameras. The Spey O Rama has become an event that has out grown the original idea of what a casting competition could be.

Big thanks to all the sponsors and people that gave out of hand to donate something even small to keep the Spey O Rama going. If you have not been there before, I would tell you it is something that should not be missed by anybody interested in the use of two handed rods.

The next big thing in the world of wonderful two handed rods is the Sandy river Spey Clave. It is going to be as big and kick butt as ever. If you have not yet made plans to come down to take part in the largest clave on the planet. I would go out of your way to get here if you need any more info feel free to call the shop (503) 622-4607, or hit up the web site.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Women get ready to learn to fly fish.

Marcy Stone, our only lady guide and best looking member of the Fly Fishing Shop staff. Is teaching some classes for the ladies'. These classes are focus on becoming a self sufficient on stream angler. We all want our independence on and off the river.

These classes start in the class room. Focused on teaching all the need knots, Basic entomology, understanding the biology of the fish and common behavioral reactions of fish. Then once all students have gotten down that curriculum the ladies' will be moving no to the water. The art of casting can take a life time to fully understand, but with a proper foundation to grow on one can really cut down on the learning curve. Then focus will then be placed on presenting the fly to the fish as well as how to read water and pick the style and method need to present the fly to the fish. Basics in dry fly and nymph fishing as well as a presentation on spey casting and steelhead methodology.

This class is a full day and a great way for an up and coming angler or as a way to prepare for an up coming trip. If you would like to book the classes are as followed 4/23, 5/21, 6/18, 7/16, and 8/20. For more info call the shop at 1-800-266-3971, or go online to

New things in the shop.

The new big thing right now in the Fly Fishing shop is rental equipment. We are trying to accommodate all that come through our shop be it for a trip with one of your highly sot after guides, or you coming to fish from out of state on some Oregon's great waters, or maybe your on your way over the mountain and forgot something you don't want to turn around to go get. We are carrying a full line of waders, boots, rods and reels(both Spey and single handed). All waders are high and Simms G3 and sage rods. When it comes to spey rod We will be renting these on Steelhead trips. If you are dying to try a new combo let us know and we can bring it on the boat.

We are just trying to be a one stop get what you need and get fishing kinda store. All of you guys getting ready for the spring trout fishing or if you are ready for early summer steelhead or Chinooks. We have what you need. If you have any questions on the rental stuff or if you would like to reserve something for an upcoming fishing trip let us know. 1-800-266-3971

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Up Coming Events in the Spey Casting World.

The world of spey casting is becoming more encompassing all the time. In the ever changing equation of the use of two handed rods comes the need to gather and compare shared knowledge new and old. There is an ever growing culture of conclaves and events that help promote the sport and will eventually lead to the next developments in the spey world. One of the coolest events in the modern world of the wonderful two handed rod is Spey-O-Rama. The focus seems to be on the world distance casting competition, but there is more to it than that. The Golden Gate Casting and Angling club hosts one of the best open forum style Gatherings out there. It includes great presentations by some of the worlds best casters from all over the face of the globe. With long lines being highly emphasized, all types of lines and styles are actually covered over the 3 days of this free and entertaining Gathering. To support this event, The Fly Fishing Shop has donated a winter steelhead trip to the GGCAC, in order to keep events like this one continue for years to come. It is not new, but you can't say enough about the Sandy River Spey Clave. The Woodstock of casting and angling events! Going on its 11th year, we are always trying to keep things new and exciting. This year will feature a couple of new things.There will be a single handed and spey style casting competitions, for anyone interested and all for good fun. This year is set up to be the biggest and most accommodating to everyone who attends, providing more space and casting areas for testing out new equipment or trying new lines on older rods. The ladies' day is growing every year just like the number of ladies getting into the sport. Even the guy should check these gals out, you just might learn something. All meals are free and have been graciously donated by some of the best companies in our sport. The Sandy River Spey Clave is for everyone at any and all skill levels. Feel free to find an expert and ask as many questions as you can. You should also attend any and all on river presentations given by some of the best two handed anglers and casters. See a full list of these presenters at Both of the above events should be attended by any real casting and angling enthusiast. We hope to see you at both or even one of them. If you have any questions on the events or need any info on either just call the shop. 1-800-266-3971

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know. I am going to hear about writing this I'm sure...
Working in a place that sells every reel under the sun, how can you single
out just one? I am not going to candy coat anything I'm about to say. The
best fishing Steelhead reel on the market is the Hardy Salmon Marquis.
Either the #1 or #2 has everything that the modern Steelhead Spey fisherman

These reels are as good as it gets. Offering a classic look with bullet
proof guts. The reels are so simple that they just can't fail. In cold
weather, drag reels freeze while the simple single actions still go on. You
never need a drag adjustment, as they always keep enough tension to not let
the reel back lash on hard fighting or hard taking fish. Finally, let's not
forget one of my favorite things--the sound! There is not anything that
sounds like a Hardy, and the Marquis is the loudest one that Hardy makes.

In my opinion, the Salmon Marquis will land more fish due to its click and
pawl construction. With all the fishability, classic look, and bullet proof
guts, these reels come in at a great price point, between $299-$330. That's
right--buy one and it wont break the bank. You'll still have enough money
leftover for a waterproof camera to take pictures of all of the fish you
will be holding.
So if you're ready to hold more fish and have a great time doing it, let us
at the Fly Fishing Shop help you! 800-266-3971

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spey Casting and Steelhead schools

Spey Schools Available Now !!! The key to becoming a great spey fisherman is getting great instruction by great instructors. When it comes to training the next group of Steelhead spey fisherman, we here at The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches are leading the pack! We have been offering 1 or 2 Winter steelhead schools a month and they filled up so quickly that we had to add more! The next classes available are April 7, 8 and May 19, 20. As the season pushes on, the tactics often change. Learn these tactics from people that make their living on the waters of the Sandy, Clackamas, and Deschutes rivers. During the class we will help you read water, choose sink tips, and select flies. With the cooperation from a wild winter or summer steelhead, we hope to be able to aid in fish fighting and landing tactics as well. The first day is a casting day where our team takes the students down to the river and gives them on the water instruction on casting Skagit and Scandi lines. There are many styles and lengths of rods available to cast with. We have a big question and answer session, along with a segment on how to self-diagnose your own casting problems when you don't have a guide around to help. The second day starts out earlier with a small amount of class room time, and then we head right to the river for on the water presentations on fishing. You will then experience a true guided trip where you can test your new-found skills in real fishing situations. Lunch and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. You can take the class as a two day learning adventure or you can take either day on its own. We here at the fly shop try to accommodate all. Let us know what we can do for you! 800-266-3971

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo

Come join Mark, Patty, and the staff in Albany, OR. this weekend for this annual event. There will be 72 fly tying stations and over 90 classes and clinics on tying and fishing. Hourly classes on casting with indoor and outdoor casting ponds.

Over 50 booths to explore and mingle with. Feel free to ask a bunch of questions. All at this show are their to promote the sport and celebrate the art of tying.
There will also be raffles and silent auctions. On Saturday there will be a banquet with an action packed oral auction.
So we here in Welches hope to see you there.

Tight lines, from the staff in Welches.