Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Trout Season Opener

Well here we are, on the brink of a new year of trout fishing. Are you ready??? This weekend kicks off the opener. In typical fashion the rivers are at their full spring flow. This does not mean fishing is out or that you should not be prepared for the rest of the season. With how good trout fishing was last year, the boys and girls who were ready had a great season.

What does one need to be ready for the up and coming season??? To start one better check out last years leader and tippet. If I told you how many fish I have seen lost due to poor tippet choice, you would be amazed. Next thing I would be ready to investigate is flies. We all have our favorites but having a few back up patterns is a great way to go. Especially on rivers like the Deschutes, the rule of thumb is the larger a body of water the more life forms it will hold. The Deschutes has over 220 species of caddis alone. I not saying you need a different pattern for everyone but few new stand-bys to better represent different stages of the insects or maybe so you the angler can better see your fly... We all at some point in time have to nymph fish for trout. That's just the way it is sometimes. Having a well equip nymphing arsenal will be key to success. A variety of different sized split shot, and indicators. Having the ability to change depth and number of flies being fished is a key thing as well, Czeck leaders are a great thing to have in your vest of pack. Don't forget all the small stuff either, floatant, knot tools, nippers, and don't forget to clean you fly line...

If you have any questions call the shop and ask away, we love to help 1-800-266-3971.

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