Sunday, October 30, 2011

Protubes rock!

Well if you fish tube flies then you can't say enough about the products from protube. With all the added accessories these have become the premiere way to tie tube flies. From sonic discs to drop weights. These options provide a ton of new creative juices to flow. Another great product produced by the boys over at Pro solutions is the Pro tube needle. This basic mandrill will fill all manufactures tubes and is so easy to use.

The use of the hook keeper with the smaller style of summer tubes is awesome. With this option you can change the body color of the fly just by switching out color of the hook keeper. we stock it all here at The Fly Fishing Shop. Check out the link

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Time of the year, Dictates the color of the season.

Well on the Deschutes the Steelhead season pushes on just like the fish themselves they continulely push up river. Now as the season change for us. The cooler mornings and changing leaves. The river sees changes as well.
The river sees the tempertute decrease and the fluctuation of water flow. Also the river takes part as the breeding grounds for Salmon. The Chinook begin to take part in one of the most hopeless romantic life cyles that can be witnessed anywhere in the world. This prosseces of nature helps to provide the fertile nutriance for the rivers future. All residence of the stream notice the change as well as small brightly colored objects and hunks of dying Salmon flesh begin drifting down the river.
Now this is the time to use flies that can represent these items even. Even guys fishing swung fly can take the advantage of the added color to the river. Here are some flies that I would have in my box this time of year are.
Fly Dejour
Sivley's Bubble gum Snow cone
Limit Lander
Spawning Purple
Steelhead Coachman
And most of all get out there and keep that fly in the water! Can't catch them from the coutch.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting ready for cooler weather.

We are not far out now. The days of hot temps are slipping aways as fast as hours of fish able light. The water temps will soon be below 50 and falling, But the fishing opportunity will still be there waiting for the anglers who are ready to fish in adverse conditions.

As always there are a few new products out this year for these types of conditions and there are some of the older products we still endorse. Simms has been at it again trying to produce the best stuff under the sun, or rain, or snow to keep you ass fishing. This year is no exception. With the arrival of the Down Under Merino wool base layers and new Cold weather pant. Both are designed to keep you warm while pulling moisture away from you body.

The Cold weather pant will be the best at keeping water away from you skin. The outer part of the pants with the core3 technology keeps the water from ever even hitting your skin and then the grid style fleece helps you to retain as much heat as possible by having spaces for warm air while still having a thick and full layer of fleece for that warmth. They also have a cool look so you can wear them out after you fish, not black tie but for the places I eat you would fit better than in. With a great price to boot.

The Down Under Merino Wool is just the only way to go. There is not a better material against your skin. Especially when it is cold out. Wools natural ability to help retain heat even while wet is unsurpassed by any other products produced. Hard to argue with that kind of product, as a hard core steelhead fisherman you can't get better than that.