Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What to do??? Perpare!

Well the weather is just a crap shoot right now. The only thing between now and when the Pat's face off against the Giants is tie as many flies as possible or at least prepare for when the water gets better. Checkout the good stuff here at one of these places. http://www.flyfishusa.com/flies/stl-fav-ws-flies.htm or http://www.flyfishusa.com/fly-tying/ft-materials-home.htm.

We all must have done that rain dance at the same time... Just be patient.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday Round Tables

Well it is that time of year. We are Starting up the round tables that mean great tiers and cool flies and instruction, all for free. Next up we have Bruce Berry and the Fly Shop crew tying on Protubes. If you have been wanting to know how to tie on tube or are just looking for new tube ideas come on down.

Then on February 19 we have the Brian Kite (the Wombat), and Charles St. Peirre (Chaz Michael Michael's). Both these guys are great tyres and spey casters. Pick-er-Pockets, and Hoh Bo spey are staples in these guys boxes. If you are fans of these flies then be here to see them in action.

If anything else happens to come up or if there is anything you guys want to see tied just shoot us an email or a comment on this post. Thanks from all of us at the shop.