Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sage "ONE"

I know we have read Mark's news letter on the Sage "ONE". The super cheesy line, " This is not Madison Ave. hype. This is fact." As well as he said that, LOL. He is right. The New Sage ONE is easily the finest Sage rod that I have cast in years. Light, crisp, and looks great. This rod is casts well at 12 feet and just 65 feet. The nature of the rods feel is second to none. A new smaller lighter grip, this totally keeps you gripping the rod to hard and trying to over power it.

The Sage "ONE" is not due out by the end of this month for all sizes and line weights. You can check out the video in the web site // If you are a Sage fan and in the market for the nicest rod you can cast and fish look no further.

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