Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sometimes going small pays out big.

In the world of Steelhead it is easy to get caught up in the big fish big fly theory. Is it always the best way to go??? In my opinion and the opinion of many other great steelhead fisherman I know and work in the shop, we all agree.

Lets look at the animal, Steelhead. What a total question mark as where to start. This is some of what I might know. A Steelhead is a trout, in a technical definition. A trout can see a size 99 midge in moving water. With that mind a Steelhead can see the same way. I know that even a 20lb. steelhead in 25 feet of water can see my size 10 wet fly, if he takes it that's another story. With another comparison being that when trout fishing in low warm water as anglers we have to change our tactics. With warm clear water we have to use more stealth. Light tippets small flies become the norm. Some how in the world of steelhead we have gone the other route. Thinking that sinking tips and big flies are the only way.

I am not saying my way is the only one but has been reliable for me and I wanted to pass this info on to you. Have fun and get out there and fish.

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