Monday, January 20, 2014

Yep Winter Steelhead or Winter Trout.

 Depending on what weather your getting the fishing can be awesome. I have been out for both trout and Winter Steelhead and have been finding success with both. The Steelhead are around and showing themselves to those willing to work, but you wont be alone on the river. With all this nice weather the urban rivers have been busy.

You cant catch Winter Steelhead if you don't get out there. Fish are being caught from the coast to the Urban rivers of Portland. The day you chose is everything.

Odd winter weather has lead to some great trout fishing!
On the East side the trout fishing has been very productive. Nymph fishing and dry fly fishing have been options on both the trips out on the Deschutes lately. Fish responded well to a variety of flies, time of day was more important. The Crooked river has been on fire and our very own Dave is there now so more info to come. Hope everybody has had a great start to their year!!!