Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you Ready ????

Josh and Henry trying to get that first grab of the year

With Steelhead season in full swing in about a month, the question is are you ready??? Do you have all the things you want or need? Now think about it, I am not just talking that new set up from the top of your wish list. Although wouldn't that be sweet for the new season. What I am talking about is have you stocked up on tippet, poly leaders, sink tips? Have you tied all the flies you may or may not need, or have you already bought them?

I know that a month seems like forever away, but it is not. With the damn counts starting slow this year. Having you ducks in a row before hitting the water will make you more time efficient on the river. Like most people that are not guides, you need all the time spent on the river to count if your going to be successful. So with this in mind give us a call or order online. if you just want to chat with someone about where to go we are ready and waiting 503-622-4607.

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