Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Trout Season Opener

Well here we are, on the brink of a new year of trout fishing. Are you ready??? This weekend kicks off the opener. In typical fashion the rivers are at their full spring flow. This does not mean fishing is out or that you should not be prepared for the rest of the season. With how good trout fishing was last year, the boys and girls who were ready had a great season.

What does one need to be ready for the up and coming season??? To start one better check out last years leader and tippet. If I told you how many fish I have seen lost due to poor tippet choice, you would be amazed. Next thing I would be ready to investigate is flies. We all have our favorites but having a few back up patterns is a great way to go. Especially on rivers like the Deschutes, the rule of thumb is the larger a body of water the more life forms it will hold. The Deschutes has over 220 species of caddis alone. I not saying you need a different pattern for everyone but few new stand-bys to better represent different stages of the insects or maybe so you the angler can better see your fly... We all at some point in time have to nymph fish for trout. That's just the way it is sometimes. Having a well equip nymphing arsenal will be key to success. A variety of different sized split shot, and indicators. Having the ability to change depth and number of flies being fished is a key thing as well, Czeck leaders are a great thing to have in your vest of pack. Don't forget all the small stuff either, floatant, knot tools, nippers, and don't forget to clean you fly line...

If you have any questions call the shop and ask away, we love to help 1-800-266-3971.

The Spey O Rama


Well it is over. The biggest and hardest competition it the world of fly casting is done. We here at the Fly Fishing Shop in Welches would like to congratulate all the winners participants and all those at the GGACC who make this event possible. The competition gets tougher every year, with all the new scoring systems and live broad cast TV cameras. The Spey O Rama has become an event that has out grown the original idea of what a casting competition could be.

Big thanks to all the sponsors and people that gave out of hand to donate something even small to keep the Spey O Rama going. If you have not been there before, I would tell you it is something that should not be missed by anybody interested in the use of two handed rods.

The next big thing in the world of wonderful two handed rods is the Sandy river Spey Clave. It is going to be as big and kick butt as ever. If you have not yet made plans to come down to take part in the largest clave on the planet. I would go out of your way to get here if you need any more info feel free to call the shop (503) 622-4607, or hit up the web site.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Women get ready to learn to fly fish.

Marcy Stone, our only lady guide and best looking member of the Fly Fishing Shop staff. Is teaching some classes for the ladies'. These classes are focus on becoming a self sufficient on stream angler. We all want our independence on and off the river.

These classes start in the class room. Focused on teaching all the need knots, Basic entomology, understanding the biology of the fish and common behavioral reactions of fish. Then once all students have gotten down that curriculum the ladies' will be moving no to the water. The art of casting can take a life time to fully understand, but with a proper foundation to grow on one can really cut down on the learning curve. Then focus will then be placed on presenting the fly to the fish as well as how to read water and pick the style and method need to present the fly to the fish. Basics in dry fly and nymph fishing as well as a presentation on spey casting and steelhead methodology.

This class is a full day and a great way for an up and coming angler or as a way to prepare for an up coming trip. If you would like to book the classes are as followed 4/23, 5/21, 6/18, 7/16, and 8/20. For more info call the shop at 1-800-266-3971, or go online to

New things in the shop.

The new big thing right now in the Fly Fishing shop is rental equipment. We are trying to accommodate all that come through our shop be it for a trip with one of your highly sot after guides, or you coming to fish from out of state on some Oregon's great waters, or maybe your on your way over the mountain and forgot something you don't want to turn around to go get. We are carrying a full line of waders, boots, rods and reels(both Spey and single handed). All waders are high and Simms G3 and sage rods. When it comes to spey rod We will be renting these on Steelhead trips. If you are dying to try a new combo let us know and we can bring it on the boat.

We are just trying to be a one stop get what you need and get fishing kinda store. All of you guys getting ready for the spring trout fishing or if you are ready for early summer steelhead or Chinooks. We have what you need. If you have any questions on the rental stuff or if you would like to reserve something for an upcoming fishing trip let us know. 1-800-266-3971

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Up Coming Events in the Spey Casting World.

The world of spey casting is becoming more encompassing all the time. In the ever changing equation of the use of two handed rods comes the need to gather and compare shared knowledge new and old. There is an ever growing culture of conclaves and events that help promote the sport and will eventually lead to the next developments in the spey world. One of the coolest events in the modern world of the wonderful two handed rod is Spey-O-Rama. The focus seems to be on the world distance casting competition, but there is more to it than that. The Golden Gate Casting and Angling club hosts one of the best open forum style Gatherings out there. It includes great presentations by some of the worlds best casters from all over the face of the globe. With long lines being highly emphasized, all types of lines and styles are actually covered over the 3 days of this free and entertaining Gathering. To support this event, The Fly Fishing Shop has donated a winter steelhead trip to the GGCAC, in order to keep events like this one continue for years to come. It is not new, but you can't say enough about the Sandy River Spey Clave. The Woodstock of casting and angling events! Going on its 11th year, we are always trying to keep things new and exciting. This year will feature a couple of new things.There will be a single handed and spey style casting competitions, for anyone interested and all for good fun. This year is set up to be the biggest and most accommodating to everyone who attends, providing more space and casting areas for testing out new equipment or trying new lines on older rods. The ladies' day is growing every year just like the number of ladies getting into the sport. Even the guy should check these gals out, you just might learn something. All meals are free and have been graciously donated by some of the best companies in our sport. The Sandy River Spey Clave is for everyone at any and all skill levels. Feel free to find an expert and ask as many questions as you can. You should also attend any and all on river presentations given by some of the best two handed anglers and casters. See a full list of these presenters at Both of the above events should be attended by any real casting and angling enthusiast. We hope to see you at both or even one of them. If you have any questions on the events or need any info on either just call the shop. 1-800-266-3971