Tuesday, September 27, 2011

There are other fish in the river...

Vince showing off a nice wild fall Chinook.

It is the height of the northwest summer Steelhead fishing. Most if not all die hard Steelhead anglers have been out sectioning off pieces of rivers all over Cali, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Under the cloak of the Steelhead cloud other spices of anadromous fish have slipped past your radar. Now I am not trying to push you away from Steelhead but if you are in the local area or don't have the time to get to one of those great Steelhead. We may have a few new and interesting venues local to our area that may help to provide a subsidised Steelhead alternative.

Blue and Copper prom dress work on anything. Just ask Travis...

With the on set of the fall weather and the blooming of the Cotton wood trees, comes the Salmon of the Northwest coastal rivers. Fresh run Silver Salmon, and Fall Chinooks enter streams all over the Northwest. Both of these Salmonids are best pursued nearest the ocean from which they came. Plus the runs provide enough fish to target them on a swung fly, but can be chased with other methods as well. The Sandy, Clackamas, Hood, Klickitat, and a ton of other coastal rivers that contain these chrome sided leviathans. Silvers average 8 to 12 lbs. and Chinooks can go as big as 50 lbs. in the fall. If you would like any info on run timing and flies or river info just feel free to call the shop. Right now enjoy the photos of The Fly Fishing Shops Vince Holingsworth. He has been out catching a few Salmon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confidecne is the key.

I don't know what else that it comes down to. You can have everything, the rod and lines all the flies everything that you can think of. If you don't believe in what your doing it won't happen. The unwavering act of dogmatic belief in the substance of steelhead fishing is what it takes to consistently catch fish. Always one step closer to that ever addicting grab!!!

Now as guides we help to instill this confidence and in most cases I believe the confidence we evince gets the job done for you. If you are ready to learn or just need help to see what it takes to catch steelhead day in and day out. Contact us here at The Fly Fishing Shop and get on the right track. Our guides are ready and amped up to help people of all skill levels with everything from casting to that bit of extra confidence.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being prepared is always cool.

Here is the deal, be PREPARED!! Sometimes going fishing can be last minute. We all know that to be the kind of angler we all want to be good preparation can be a trip saver. Now I am going to list a few products out on the market that I feel help the modern day angler on all his trips. Even the short notice ones.

Lets start with the most important things. I think the Simms Taco bag not only for the money, but for the product itself is awesome. Something that can easily be prominently kept in the ones car always containing waders and boots. Never without!!! That's cool all the time.

The "Taco Bag" bad ass.

Next up in the cool to be prepared category is Rio's head case. these bad boys can hold anything and back stock of anything you might even think you might need. Flies, lines, tippet, running lines, snacks, lunch, and a flask (maybe). Again the size of the head case makes it super easy to bring on a boat leave in your car or truck and never be without. I believe that these 2 products can be trip savers and every serious angler should have these in there rig.

Super efficient Rio's head case.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sometimes going small pays out big.

In the world of Steelhead it is easy to get caught up in the big fish big fly theory. Is it always the best way to go??? In my opinion and the opinion of many other great steelhead fisherman I know and work in the shop, we all agree.

Lets look at the animal, Steelhead. What a total question mark as where to start. This is some of what I might know. A Steelhead is a trout, in a technical definition. A trout can see a size 99 midge in moving water. With that mind a Steelhead can see the same way. I know that even a 20lb. steelhead in 25 feet of water can see my size 10 wet fly, if he takes it that's another story. With another comparison being that when trout fishing in low warm water as anglers we have to change our tactics. With warm clear water we have to use more stealth. Light tippets small flies become the norm. Some how in the world of steelhead we have gone the other route. Thinking that sinking tips and big flies are the only way.

I am not saying my way is the only one but has been reliable for me and I wanted to pass this info on to you. Have fun and get out there and fish.