Monday, July 6, 2015

Pink Body Chubby Fly
This fly is about the same size and color as some early summer stonflies and grass hoppers, none of which are pink. The Pink Chubby is on of the best all around dry trout flies for the summer of 2015. It is unsinkable and is very durable. We like to dress the wing on ours, so that it floats even longer. All trout and small mouth bass in rivers seem to like this fly. Fish it over deeper water close to the bank, and especially along heavy grass or overhanging trees. Is an especially good fly for use in a hopper/dropper set-up.                           Pink Body Chubby = 3 for $10.50

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Beat the heat and UV sunburns with colorful Montana Rednecks Sun Gaiters. Getting too hot, just dip your Redneck in the cold water, ring it out and slip it over your head...nothing like cooling down the old processor to make everything more comfortable. Are you outdoors, and even the rivers and lakes are warm, remember that there is always cold water in the bottom of your cooler from melting ice...Aaaahhh!  Just as good as Buff, but less expensive!  Beautiful artwork. Montana Rednecks Sun Gaiters: Only $15.95

Mark & Patty just got back from a great fly fishing trip in Loreto, Mexico. Get a sneak peek at the July 06, 2015 Newsletter now.

Even though the water in the mountain creeks around our store is very low, catch and release fishing for native cutthroats and rainbow trout has been excellent for anglers with #2, #3, or #4 rods. Hatches include small stoneflies, PMD's & small caddis, as well as ants, beetles & bees. The best bite has been early or late in the day.