Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know. I am going to hear about writing this I'm sure...
Working in a place that sells every reel under the sun, how can you single
out just one? I am not going to candy coat anything I'm about to say. The
best fishing Steelhead reel on the market is the Hardy Salmon Marquis.
Either the #1 or #2 has everything that the modern Steelhead Spey fisherman

These reels are as good as it gets. Offering a classic look with bullet
proof guts. The reels are so simple that they just can't fail. In cold
weather, drag reels freeze while the simple single actions still go on. You
never need a drag adjustment, as they always keep enough tension to not let
the reel back lash on hard fighting or hard taking fish. Finally, let's not
forget one of my favorite things--the sound! There is not anything that
sounds like a Hardy, and the Marquis is the loudest one that Hardy makes.

In my opinion, the Salmon Marquis will land more fish due to its click and
pawl construction. With all the fishability, classic look, and bullet proof
guts, these reels come in at a great price point, between $299-$330. That's
right--buy one and it wont break the bank. You'll still have enough money
leftover for a waterproof camera to take pictures of all of the fish you
will be holding.
So if you're ready to hold more fish and have a great time doing it, let us
at the Fly Fishing Shop help you! 800-266-3971

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