Wednesday, May 15, 2013

13th Annual Sandy River Spey Clave

This weekend is the 13th annual Sandy River Spey Clave and it looks to be the best one yet!  With presentations from 31 of the worlds best Spey Casting Instructors, 14 theater presentations (NEW) and free food why would you miss it?  The Fly Fishing Shop has been putting this party on and watching it grow into the largest gathering of Spey Casters in the Western Hemisphere.  If you want to see what is planned for this weekend go to the Agenda Page at

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Now it is TIME!!!

Under the trees and tight to the bank, to the Redsides house we go!!!
We told you it would not be long and it was not. The "Hatch" is here. This is what I know bugs are being taken well on the top to about South Junction. 10:30 to dark is best. Drops can be fun, but why... If you have to then Batman and Chubby Cousins are a great way to go. We have everything ready and stocked!!!! Come on in and let us get you what you need to get the most of your time on the water.
We have the patterns you need!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Trout are ready but not yet on top.

Classic Redside.
We are all "jonesing" for the salmon flies to pop and fish to be ready for them to be falling into the water. As of right now it has it has not happened. But fret not with in the next 10 days it will happen. Being prepared is the best way to be. Not wasting time or energy the morning of trying to put you flies and leaders.... on and on cutting into your fishing time.

Heavy water was the best place to find the good fish.
Now Lets get to the good stuff. Fishing last week was great. The nymph fishing was AWESOME!!!But not on Stone flies. That's right NOT on Stones, not even the nymphs. We fished with small to medium sized nymphs on Czech leader rigs and really put the hurt to the Redsides.

Plenaty of bugs around. Just not Stones.
Seems to be a lot of March Brown nymphs and even a few Green Drake nymphs to be found.  All the flies were from sz 10 to 16. The patterns of choice were;

Crown Jewel Green Drake sz 10

CDC Pheasant Tail sz 12, 14

Montana Blue Price sz 10

Tung Teaser sz 10

Lightning Bud, Red sz 16

Nice big hungry male!
All fish seemed very spunky and were in great shape. Hard fighting and lots of big jumps. I have a feeling the spawn is over and all fish will be ready when it ius dry fly time. I hope every one has been getting in some practise for go time. GO FISHING!!