Friday, July 29, 2011

One of the coolest things on earth

Well I am finally back. The past couple of weeks was a total blur. The parts I do recall were awesome! Having recently attended the CLA gamefair, I saw first hand how a sportsman show can and should be run. The CLA is the largest outdoor sporting event in the world. There is no other thing that compares, not even close. On Sunday at the show the gate tally was 144,000 people. That's just a couple.

The CLA is all encompassing when it comes to outdoor activities. Of course there was fishing, the main purpose of my visit. But you cant even begin to guess what all is there. Falconry, climbing, shooting, biking, ATVs, hunting, archery, wildlife art, Agriculture, all types of hand made goods, clothing, dogs and dog trials, and even an off road course for driving your Land Rover. In the 3 days I was there I don't think I saw 20% of the show. To see something like this you need a well planned itinerary

The casting events at the CLA are run seamlessly. The competition steep and you had better be on your game if you are planning to compete. The casting celebrities are everywhere. I was lucky enough to attend this years CLA and competed in the International Spey Casting Open. Through hard work a ton of practice and with good friends on your side.

The week was a complete success! not only did my team do very well all members setting milestones. I competed in my first 18 foot comp. and took a wonderful second place but set a new standard for American casters. Becoming the first American caster to break the 200' mark. Also becoming the first caster to place at the CLA in a decade.

All I can say after being there is that this is an event that should not be missed by any vendor or spectator if they have the time to make it over there they will not be disappointed. I have a feeling the Fly Fishing Shop will have a presents there next year!!! If you want an over site of the CLA here is a link have fun.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Summer Set up to Have

Mark showing off the power of the 6129 VXP

The Spey rod that is going to shine this summer, is going to be the 6129 VXP. This rod has it all. Well at that you are going to need in a sweet summer setup. Even if you are a beginner or a seasoned vet this rod gets it done. A true 6 wt. with the ability to throw any floating line and for a 6 wt takes care of business on that end too.

With its clean cut green finish and being light in hand. All I can say is it is better than a switch rod and more pleasing to fish than that old 14 footer that your buddy gifted you 2 years ago after he bought a new top of the line rod. Now you can return the favor and donate your old weapon to one of your unsuspecting friends. Call the shop and ask some questions about this rod, or go online and order one. Either way your going to love this rod. You can view more about this fantastic outfit at

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you Ready ????

Josh and Henry trying to get that first grab of the year

With Steelhead season in full swing in about a month, the question is are you ready??? Do you have all the things you want or need? Now think about it, I am not just talking that new set up from the top of your wish list. Although wouldn't that be sweet for the new season. What I am talking about is have you stocked up on tippet, poly leaders, sink tips? Have you tied all the flies you may or may not need, or have you already bought them?

I know that a month seems like forever away, but it is not. With the damn counts starting slow this year. Having you ducks in a row before hitting the water will make you more time efficient on the river. Like most people that are not guides, you need all the time spent on the river to count if your going to be successful. So with this in mind give us a call or order online. if you just want to chat with someone about where to go we are ready and waiting 503-622-4607.