Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being prepared is always cool.

Here is the deal, be PREPARED!! Sometimes going fishing can be last minute. We all know that to be the kind of angler we all want to be good preparation can be a trip saver. Now I am going to list a few products out on the market that I feel help the modern day angler on all his trips. Even the short notice ones.

Lets start with the most important things. I think the Simms Taco bag not only for the money, but for the product itself is awesome. Something that can easily be prominently kept in the ones car always containing waders and boots. Never without!!! That's cool all the time.

The "Taco Bag" bad ass.

Next up in the cool to be prepared category is Rio's head case. these bad boys can hold anything and back stock of anything you might even think you might need. Flies, lines, tippet, running lines, snacks, lunch, and a flask (maybe). Again the size of the head case makes it super easy to bring on a boat leave in your car or truck and never be without. I believe that these 2 products can be trip savers and every serious angler should have these in there rig.

Super efficient Rio's head case.

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