Monday, October 28, 2013

Cold Weather is here.

Classic Look for the river, a hike. or even the Bohemian chic need to hang in the Pacific Northwest.
Well the days are changing and the shorting time on the water must be spent in comfort. Being cold this time of year is not an option. This cold weather shirt is also a kinda trendy thing right now a fleece lines checkered flannel. Reminds me of the old LL bean shirt my dad and I wore as a kind. Plus you might be the most stylish guy in any bar after a hard day on the water. For $99.95 a great deal too. Cold weather shirts check them out. They would also make great gifts for the up coming holiday.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Christmas Party!!! Dec 14th

December 14th the Fly Fishing Shop in Welches is going to be the place to be!!! As we have done in many years past we are throwing a holiday bash! With many of the Northwests best fly tiers and anglers, plus in store discounts and classroom presentations on a variety of Steelhead related topics. The roster includes:

Mark Bachmann

Scott Howell

Tom Larimer

Travis Johnson

Jeff Hickman

Bruce Berry

Jon Covich

Eric Neufeld

Charles St. Piere

Gary Sandstrom

Dick Sigara

George Cook

So come up to the shop, look around, learn something. Mingle with the best in the biz.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Up to Date Fishing Report 10/21/2013

Even at the shop we are finding them.

Well the week of variable water heights is calmed down and back to stable. Steelhead should be finding the proper holding water again. Trout fishing has been out standing as well. Small Baetis, and Mahogany Duns are out and the nymphs are in full swing. Small stone fly and cased caddis nymphs as droppers.

The Cascade lakes are still producing well and will get better the closer we get to not being able to access them. the Salmon river is only open for 10 more days, so get your time in while you can. the upper stretch above final falls is fishing really well for brookies too!!

Now is the season and with these warm days we are having get in and asking where to fish. Hope to see you all soon.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Once The River Clams Down.

Fish are on the move!
Well that high water last week got the fish moving! Now that the river is back in shape be ready!!! Steelhead numbers are down but you wont catch them if you don't go. Also I personally have seen an increase in the average size of the fish lately. The bulk of the fish are going to be above Maupin.

This is about the time I start using 10 lb. tippet, just in case. On another note the October Caddis are out thick. The trout love the nymphs as well as the sporadic Mahogany Dunns you will see. some regular caddis stuff around too. Hatches have been in the warmest part of the day so keep the dries ready.

This is the time of year that dry waders will kepp an angler smiling.... If your are leacking give us a call. (503) 622-4607