Friday, September 28, 2012

New Simms Jacket.

Matt seems to enjoy the new jacket.
Well Simms keeps trying new product ideas and they might have a winner here in the northwest with the Bulkley Jacket. The Bulkley Jacket has the look of the old classic guide but for those this may concern. The Bulkley jacket is insulated to add warmth and gives you more mobility by not having to layer so deeply. The insulation oF prim aloft so even if you wade deep it dries quickly and still stays warm. If you are a hard core Northwest angler and in the market for a new rain jacket then look no further.

Great stuff now at a better price>
No another note all Fishpond items in the shop are currently on sale. If we have that pack or vest or gear bag you need you will like the price. Just call the shop at 503-622-4607

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Late fall is the best time for Terrestrials

Well even in our lovely state there is some great top water terrestrial fishing. From ants to Beatles to hoppers. from so of the small cascade streams and creeks to the Owyhee in far eastern Oregon. You can find fish looking for these types of bugs.

A Stunning Brown Caught on a hopper imitation.
Before the weather gets to cold and the probability of fishing nymphs becomes more prolific. The opportunity remains during the up and coming Indian summer. The types of takes you can receive fishing with these tactics are amazing. With the bonus if your fishing Beatles or hoppers you can still fish your favorite dropper. The large foam patterns are also easy to see for even the older folks. You don't have to wait for the Salmon fly hatch.

The Mohawk Hopper one of the best hopper Patterns.
Call for some ideas on where you might be able to fish some of the funnest trout flies to fish. 503-622-4607. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Trout Fishing is has been Awesome.

The Trout fishing on the Deschutes has been AWESOME as of lately. On the past few trips over we have been trout fishing in between Steelhead sessions. It has been super productive and the fish are big. With a combo of dry dropper and nymph fishing an hour or so a day has been doing the trick with the sometimes long time periods between Steelhead takes.
Lovely Redside taken during the heat of the day.
The Steelhead fishing has been tough this year but giving up wont catch you fish. The test of a real Steelhead fisherman is the drive to keep casting and fishing to the best of your casting ability. So when the time presents itself your the one who is ready. My last trip was just that way. My sports want to keep casting along with me shoving him into as many runs as I could get him to fish. We ended up hooking a few fish.
The hard work pays off!!! Brad catches his first summer Steelhead.
Call the shop for up to date reports 503-622-4607. Or just swing in on your way to the next fishing adventure.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Has the Season rolls on...

Well as the Fall season approaches the cooler mornings and changing of the leaves are starting to be noticed. Now we can all see that the fish counts are low... In my opinion this year is the true test of real Steelhead anglers. The harder the fishing comes the more they persist.

One of many taken on a dry fly.
We could talk Steelhead numbers and methodologies all day, But if you want to go out and be on top of the game right now trout are the way to go on the Deschutes. I was out with a couple of good friends of mine last Friday and intermixed with the Steelhead angling we went trout fishing!!! Wee HAMMERED them... crushed them and almost all were on the surface!

These are also fun but have been tough lately.
We also caught a couple of Steelhead but the trout were awesome. Plus know one was fishing for them, or has been fishing for them. Call the shop or stop in and get the details on which flies we used and when and where to go... Enjoy

Monday, September 3, 2012

We have been busy

Mark making the best of the prototype.
Well we have been busy here at the Fly Fishing Shop. Working the River both local and the Big "D". I am going to be honest the the Steelhead fishing has been tough but those who don't go down easy are still getting fish. Floating line still seam to be best, not to say sink tip wont work but does not seem any more effective.

Mark finds a fresh Deschutes fish on the 6126!!! Good equipment is fun to fish!
On a better note the new Sage "One" rod are all ready to go... Finally I know. The back order on Sages part was a bummer but maybe they did not anticipate the following of this rod series. If I were in the market for a new summer Steelhead Spey rod then  the 6126 Sage one takes the cake.

We have been messing around with these rod since the prototype we saw in Febuary. More full flexing that the Z-axis and coupled with the vibration reduction. You have one of the sweetest 6 wts ever made. Call the shop for details or just order on online...order 6126 Sage one! yeah!!!