Sunday, May 29, 2011

There are more than Salmon flies and the "Big D"

A perfect Green Drake

The Big bugs are out, thats not to tough to see!! But not all fish are taking them. With cooler wetter weather there is a ton of other bugs out there. So lets not forget Green Drakes, Yellow Sallies, PMD, A ton of different Caddis in olive and tan. Don't be unprepared, and have a good selection of droppers and other dries.

Tight Lines.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It Is Salmon Fly Time!!!

Stop your waiting and get geared up. The salmon flies are out and about and Still hatching in great numbers. The hatch is all the way up to Warm Springs and fish are looking up. With the water a bit high, most of the fishing is taking place super tight to the bank. The best patterns have been Norm Woods, Chubby Chernobyl, Chubby Norm, Clark's stone.. to name a few. I will say that we could not raise a fish on tippet larger than 4x. So keep the leader length and tippet in mind.

On our recent trips over on the Deschutes we have not been getting a hundred fish a trip but the fish we are hooking are quality red sides. When we have had a tough time finding cooperative fish on the surface, nymphing has also produces good numbers of fish. As far as the subsurface patterns that did the trick, Black Kaufman's stone, Double bead black stone, Double bead golden stone, FFS brown and golden stones, Batman, Chubby cousins, Guides Choice hares ear, green caddis pupa,and San Juan worms . Don't be afraid to adjust your weight and leaders to fit the water you fishing. Not all water fishes the same.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Logo Gear for the Spey Clave

They have finally arrived. The Sandy River Spey Clave T-shirts, you can get them in the shop or online. We will also be selling them at the Clave. The Steelhead on the T-shirt painted by Artist and fellow fly angler Derek DeYoung. This is one of my favorites of his and seems to be fitting for the theme of the spey clave. The commemorative Spey Clave T-shirt is only $24.95 and features the Fly Fishing Shop logo. Full size runs are available.

Also just in the shop are the new stock of hats( the trucker hats are awesome).We have a style in for just about every head. Micro fiber, trucker, visors, waxed cotton, Castro, and just the classic logo ball cap. One size fits most and all styles have a couple color options. Prices range for $14.95 to $24.95 . For info on either the shirts or the hats check them out on line or call the shop at 503-622-4607