Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Two Hands Trailer

Something to look at if you are a Steelhead angler in the Northwest. Glad these boys stepped up and did something.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Green Drakes

Josh bring a lovely trout to net during a Drake hatch.
Well if you are in the know then June is the time for Green Drakes. Nymphs, emerges, and dries all taking fish when fished at the correct time. The most impressive thing about these Drakes we have is the size, like sausages with wings these bad boys get noticed. If you have never seen a Green Drake now is the time check it out, and enjoy.

Great Redside taken on a well fished Green Drake Nymph.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Post Clave and Deschutes Report.

Free Casting Day gets bigger every year!! Next year will be even better!!
The 2014 Sandy River Spey Clave has come and gone. I am going to say the best attended and best represented Clave yet. This year there was more to do, see and try then ever before. The tying sessions were a hit as well as the hand out that contain all the sponsers and infomation about the schedual of events both on water and in the theater tent. The free casting again was amazing, for everyone involved. If you have never attended this gathering then you are missing out, the Clave has become a staple event in the Northwest and I would say any persons interested in spey casting expert of beginger can and does benifit from the Sandy river Clave. My pronise is that next year we will try to improve and make the event bigger and more enjoyable.

Fat Redside taken on a dry on a guide trip last week.

Heavy water sometimes provides nice trout.

Now to the good stuff. The Deschutes trout fishing has been steady...I am not saying stellar or out of this world. The trout have seen alot of flies and something different would help to change the game. The Salmon fly hatch is always this way. Now toward the later half of the hatch progressivly grown hatches of Caddis and Mayflies are becoming more and more pervilent. The trout are seeing the ouportunity not to be hooked by changing their eating habbits this year. The lower water than normal, this has moved the fish more wide spread over the surface area of the river. I would also recomend longer leaders and lighter tippet. These have been the keys to our on river sucsess lately if you have any other questions about fishing anywhere just give us a call (503) 622-4607.