Monday, September 3, 2012

We have been busy

Mark making the best of the prototype.
Well we have been busy here at the Fly Fishing Shop. Working the River both local and the Big "D". I am going to be honest the the Steelhead fishing has been tough but those who don't go down easy are still getting fish. Floating line still seam to be best, not to say sink tip wont work but does not seem any more effective.

Mark finds a fresh Deschutes fish on the 6126!!! Good equipment is fun to fish!
On a better note the new Sage "One" rod are all ready to go... Finally I know. The back order on Sages part was a bummer but maybe they did not anticipate the following of this rod series. If I were in the market for a new summer Steelhead Spey rod then  the 6126 Sage one takes the cake.

We have been messing around with these rod since the prototype we saw in Febuary. More full flexing that the Z-axis and coupled with the vibration reduction. You have one of the sweetest 6 wts ever made. Call the shop for details or just order on online...order 6126 Sage one! yeah!!!

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