Friday, September 28, 2012

New Simms Jacket.

Matt seems to enjoy the new jacket.
Well Simms keeps trying new product ideas and they might have a winner here in the northwest with the Bulkley Jacket. The Bulkley Jacket has the look of the old classic guide but for those this may concern. The Bulkley jacket is insulated to add warmth and gives you more mobility by not having to layer so deeply. The insulation oF prim aloft so even if you wade deep it dries quickly and still stays warm. If you are a hard core Northwest angler and in the market for a new rain jacket then look no further.

Great stuff now at a better price>
No another note all Fishpond items in the shop are currently on sale. If we have that pack or vest or gear bag you need you will like the price. Just call the shop at 503-622-4607


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