Monday, September 24, 2012

The Trout Fishing is has been Awesome.

The Trout fishing on the Deschutes has been AWESOME as of lately. On the past few trips over we have been trout fishing in between Steelhead sessions. It has been super productive and the fish are big. With a combo of dry dropper and nymph fishing an hour or so a day has been doing the trick with the sometimes long time periods between Steelhead takes.
Lovely Redside taken during the heat of the day.
The Steelhead fishing has been tough this year but giving up wont catch you fish. The test of a real Steelhead fisherman is the drive to keep casting and fishing to the best of your casting ability. So when the time presents itself your the one who is ready. My last trip was just that way. My sports want to keep casting along with me shoving him into as many runs as I could get him to fish. We ended up hooking a few fish.
The hard work pays off!!! Brad catches his first summer Steelhead.
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