Friday, June 5, 2015

We just got a shipment of: TFO BVK Fly Reels That Were Designed by Lefty Kreh
The story is that Lefty Kreh grew up poor, and while on the way to becomeing the world's most recognised and most beloved fly angler, he also learned the art of being thrifty. Lefty is an incredible athlete in his own right. In his youth, Lefty was so uncanny in the shooting sports that Remington Firearms Company hired him to demonstrate their rifles and shot guns in front of huge crowds. During mid-life Lefty wowed thousand of anglers at sportshows my demonsrating fly casting. In his heyday Lefty took fly casting to a dimension that has rarely, or maybe ever duplicated. Of course every tackle company wanted Lefty on their team. They rained the finest tackle the world make upon him. Kefty didn't need to design his own fly reels, but he remembered growing up poor, when fly fishing was a rich guy sport. Lefty wanted to design great tackle that average-income type people could afford. His rods and reels reflect the philosophy that everyone deserves a shot at fly fishing. The BVK Series of rods and reels are glorious in this respect. They are truely great tackle at an affordable price: $239.95 - $259.95 Get more information on the BVK Reels

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