Sunday, October 6, 2013

Once The River Clams Down.

Fish are on the move!
Well that high water last week got the fish moving! Now that the river is back in shape be ready!!! Steelhead numbers are down but you wont catch them if you don't go. Also I personally have seen an increase in the average size of the fish lately. The bulk of the fish are going to be above Maupin.

This is about the time I start using 10 lb. tippet, just in case. On another note the October Caddis are out thick. The trout love the nymphs as well as the sporadic Mahogany Dunns you will see. some regular caddis stuff around too. Hatches have been in the warmest part of the day so keep the dries ready.

This is the time of year that dry waders will kepp an angler smiling.... If your are leacking give us a call. (503) 622-4607

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