Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wading boots are kind of a BIG deal.

Matching boots are cool, but the main reason is they are the best.
Well being fishing twins with your wife is a super cool thing, right. The reason is the guide model simms boots are the best. Finally a company Simms has combined comfort and durability and as a guide who is super rough on his equipment and his boots take most of the abuse, they are the best. I have over 100 days on these boot with more to come. Sandy river, Deschutes, lakes, and long hikes along small mountain streams. The same pair has done it all.

My wife on the other hand like them for the other main reason. The feel great on your feet!!! She id not as hard core as I am but still demands a certain feel from her boots. Funny the same boots fit her needs as an anglers.

For the comfort and longevity there is not a better boot for the money. If you are in the boot market check them out Simms Guide Boots. Remember the weather is about to cool off falling in is no longer an option.

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