Sunday, November 29, 2015

Steelhead Spey Schools

Just as the chill of winter begins to enter our bones, so does the almost Ahab like itch to land a winter steelhead. Why not learn how to do it from the best and go back to class with one of our steelhead spey schools? Mark Bachmann and crew will personally work with you on your casting providing pointers, improvements, or a full lesson from the basics the first day, and then a full guided float down the sandy the next day. Everyone can benefit from a bit of instruction. If your looking to improve your spey casting and overall understanding of what it takes to get a winter steelhead to hand then look no further than the FFS steelhead spey schools. Additonal information and dates can be viewed here:

Here is a video of Hawkeye and Mark doing some casting instruction during a school from years past.

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