Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trillium Lake- a nearby gem

I was having lunch with a friend, a native to Portland, and he shared with me the Trillium flower is the Lotus flower of the State of Oregon. It starts out White when first bloomed, turning into Purple later.

Trillium is a majestic lake, as evidenced in the picture above. In the words of a yelp reviewer, 'Trillium Lake feeds the fish and your humanity'.


Perhaps we cast -so as to hook- not only for fish but for our humanity as well. And there is no better place to ponder what our offering would bring than in the environs such as above. A Sonar Echo of ourselves with Nature becoming our reflection. And perhaps that is why a tight line is an animated stirring of a fish on one end, and on the other end, a stirring of our vitality pushing through the defensive layers we need to negotiate the trappings of living.

Get out there, for Nature has a soul calling that shakes us up in a lasting, and always good way. Here is another pic from the yelp website to help this pondering:

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