Sunday, March 15, 2015

Continuing Education- Sage Demo Day

Yes, this time of the year is warm enough that the vendors come out and let us play with their cache of rods, some we all have heard of, and then there are some we will be hearing of during their traditional new product roll out cycle.

The whole Fly Fishing Shop staff came out on such glorious day on the Sandy to extend their hands-on experience with Sage's rod lineup. Although most line setups revolved around Skagit, there were also Scandi, Long Belly, Mid Belly, and Switch nymphing lines. We played around with rods from 11' all the way to 15'.

It was unanimous we thought one prototype rod coming out in August stood out as the new kid in the block we all will enjoy and feel comfortable having in our quiver.

Thanks George Cook and Eric Johnson from Sage for being our Continuing Education facilitators. For more on Sage Rods, click here: Sage Rods.

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