Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Weather is turning and tying flies is looking like a good option.... for a little while anyway

Tons of furs and feathers to peak your creative juices.
Well the holiday season is in full swing and days spent shopping or inside doing family stuff like eating dinners with way to many calories. If you are going to be stuck in this perpetual state of way to full, then find a comfy chair and be creative in this less than motivating state of mind. The shop has tons of fly tying stuff for all your trout, Steelhead, or saltwater needs. With new stuff headed our way right now, this is the place to get your fly tying muse motivated.
If you did not have enough vises in life, we can get you at least one more.

Or thing that would inspire a new tier to the tying community might be a new vise. either way we still have you covered. Never be afraid to stop on in and take a look. Grab a cup of coffee and hang out. Remember the Christmas party is on the 14th of December so be ready for that.

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