Monday, June 25, 2012

The Trout Fishing Rocks!!!

Well if you are in the mood to catch trout the central Oregon river are producing well. The Deschutes is in the middle of the best part of the Caddis, Yellow Sallies, and PED. I dont think you can beat the dry fly action on the Deschutes.
Caddis rules the summer months!!

The Green Drakes are also hatching on the Mettolius. And with the odd weather we have been having have only made the the Hatches better and more prolific.
Never forget your emergers.

The Crooked is also fishing well still nymphing is the primary tactic. But dont think you wont get a chance to fish dries. Good evening caddis as well as midges and PMD hatches will all be present. If you are in the right water type you will see the bugs and maybe some fish.
The bent rod, my favorite kind!

So on your way over to one of these kick butt fishing destonations swing on in the shop, we will show what flies are fishing well and how to rig them for on river sucsess.


  1. Realy Trout fishing is rocking.It gives me a lot of pleasure. I do love fishing specially Carp fishing. I have been with Carp fishing since my childhood tht I passed in my village. It was a great experience. However Thanks agai for such a nice Post.